It’s happening ...

It’s happening ...

Welp the cat is out the bag on baby Desmond’s 3rd birthday we announced two things one we are having a baby girl. Her name will be… silly rabbits we can’t tell you that yet but just know it will be awesome. We also announced that we will be pursuing my other passion which is to inspire men to stand strong as fathers. I launched the prototype of which will be a platform designed to cultivate foundational principles for men and help brake the barriers that most men face when trying to be fathers. Society has played a major role in the fatherless generation so it’s time as men to make a stand on ensuring the next generation of leaders don’t have to walk feeling alone in a culture. This platform will have podcast, meet ups, and round table talks on discussing the hurt, pain, undisclosed shame that most men face and becoming transparent with one another in helping forge a unity between each other.

We know we haven’t been consistent on posting to this blog but going into this next season of life we will spend more time updating you with our life while hopefully sharing with you moments that’s will inspire and bring you hope.

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Life Changes: Delores

Life Changes: Delores

It was May 21st that she took her last breath. Never really understood what life looked like with out her until I was holding her in my arms, saying her name, and she didn't respond with the simple YESSS Dez or I'm awake chocolate chip. I remember the morning very vividly and the hours leading up to that morning and while it feels like a nightmare most of the time today I had my first awakening. Sitting in the place where she laid and holding my son I felt the most warm embrace that I have felt in a long time. As he bounced and laughed I couldn't help but cry knowing that her presence was there.  She whispered in my ear saying I'm still here honey and so proud of you.... thats was February 11th.. 

Life Changes happen that create opportunity to grow. Over the last 9 months we have traveled to see her resting place, had a new born who is transitioned to 8 months and soon to be walking, purchased a home, filed taxes on a business that started as hobby and did we mention went back to work to realize that our passion is to just spend every waking moment see our son grow. Children have a way of taking your life and changing it to the will of the Lord versus the will of your own. Thats of course a great thing knowing that its not in our plan but it's in his.  As I am writing this looking at the hour knowing the time will come that my mind will drift to the 2:30am  waking and 3:11 moment.  Many never know what death feels like until they experienced it. Being a paramedic, fire fighter, police officer or doctor are probably the only jobs you could ever have to know what Life and Death feel like. Well until you walk in my shoes..  The good night was just like any other good night... a simple "I love you mom mom i'll see you in the morning but let's pray." She rested peacefully next to my grandfather who was sleeping comfortably.  I to lazy to climb the stairs made my self comfortable on the couch and listened to them both snore through the monitor that we had set up because I wanted to be ready and in position just in case someone was thirsty, had to use the bathroom, or just wanted to chat. I remember in the bible there was a moment where Jesus was in the garden and he asked his desciples to stay woke and pray. He had to ask them multiple times because each time they drifted into a deep sleep. You never know what might becoming by night or by day but it is important to be in position. Well as the night went on I to drifted until my grandfather came and said son can you help me get your grandmother up and thats when the Lord shifted me to be in a position that I didn't feel I was ready for. So as I wiped the crust out of my eyes I walked in the room and the lights were on and my grandmother was sitting up trying to scoot to the edge of the bed. Smiling all along the way and chuckling as we both would do because she still had her pep in her step even through the sickness. I spoke and said, "Mom you ready to move." she responded, "Dez, yessss". As a wrapped my arms around her like I normally would she wrapped hers around me. Embracing the hug I helped lift her to her feet and in that moment... the weight shifted and I heard the breath. It became shallow and her body became heavy. I quickly sat her down and put my ear to hear her breathing having my grandfather go get some orange juice hoping that her sugar had just became low. It was just me and her in the room and I began to speak to her in the most calm fashion and thats when I heard it.. the Last Breath and her eyes closed.... Fight or Flight kicked in and I calmly had my grandfather call 911, and began to perform CPR. Opening her air passage and moving to the beat of the operator. Compressing her chest I felt the bones begin to crack through the rib cage and I knew that the Lord had received my grandmother home at 3:11 am. I remember the time because I was told to count to 500 and I tried to be smart and use a watch forgetting it was only 60 seconds on a watch but the time stuck out and thats what mattered. The ambulance came and they went through the process to try to revive. I quietly stood up and called my mother to come to the house. As we arrived at the hospital I was numb and in shock... to this day I still am. I still feel the cracking, and see her looking up at me, and hear the last breath. But last week I heard my grandmothers voice as clear as day saying one word. LIVE. Through life's journey's, struggles, hard times, great times, sad times, and just confused times my grandmother always encouraged me to LIVE. I remember when I was younger she would say, "Baby when the Lord brings me home I just want you to LIVE YOUR LIFE because I have lived mine and I am truly satisfied in what he has allowed me to see." So today as I board this plane I am going to climb up through the clouds to visit but not to stay but to help others do what you encouraged me to do LIVE.  

Letter I wrote to my Grandmother yesterday: Your Double Chocolate chip is doing great, he is eating everything that comes towards his mouth and today we purchased him his first pair of stride rites, He loves people just like you and has a personality like no other. Mom-mom I miss you dearly and never knew that I would be writing like this. But, hey its not our plans its God's plan and because of that we rejoice in knowing that we were apart of the plan. Our business is doing great def since the focus changed and as I told you we are taking care of your honey while he still attempts to keep taking care of us. He has developed an excellent bond with his great grandson and lights up when I bring him by the house. All and all things are okay and will continue to get better. Just have to stay the course. I love you and ill talk to you later. 


8 Months Worth of Active Activity

Today our pride and joy turned 8 months!! or should i say Crawled, cried, yelled, spit up, stood up, rolled over, all of the above into 8 months.

Desmond has been developing so good. His motor skills is amazing and has found a love for phones and electronics. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a geek deep down inside so this section does me good to see. Now the other is a different question. Over the last two weeks little Desmond has been waking up exactly at 3:45 am with out an alarm clock just to find him self sleeping between mommy and daddy. or more so next to mommy while Daddy stands up and sleeps on the edge of the bed.

List of New things

  • Desmond is eating all organic baby food stage 2
  • Diapers are becoming more messy
  • holding bottle while sitting up
  • more alert and attentive to surroundings
  • fascination with watching things fall
  • gripping skills are still magnificent (still embarrassed from him snatching the wig off the woman in the beauty supply store)
  • Little Desmond is a crawling machine with no regard of the distance.
  • He still has a love for gospel music
  • Provides great slobber baths
  • annnnndd is unknowingly saying DaDa :) 


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Blogging Failures

Blogging Failures

So as new parents we didn't read the part in the manual that our life would be busy and taking time to blog wasn't really realistic unless you were a stay at home parent and really good at time management. So we are sorry. We haven't provided you with what we thought would be weekly, then turned to bi-weekly, then monthly updates. But great news!!!  Our son is CRAWLING!! and he is super amazing. We have celebrated Easter, Christmas, thanksgiving and still have forgotten to post.. but we promise we will update the gallery as we do this upgrade to new design. 

As you probably have noticed this is more of a Dadprenuer blog lol you got it!! I am the author, photographer, and content owner of most of this site but because my family is so amazing I can't help but write about it.

well until we get you guys some new photos who is a few of little Desmond from the past few weeks because we know thats who you really want to speak about.

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What Does 3 Weeks look like?

What Does 3 Weeks look like?

What does 3 weeks look like? Well let me tell you. It's like the sun peaking through the clouds after a thunderstorm. Its like the bite into a fresh apple, crisp and sweet. It's like a cool breeze on a warm summer day and a breath of No sleep, dirty diapers and hours of laughter.  We are 3 weeks in and can't be any more happier. Little Desmond is growing  quickly and constantly keeping us on our toes.

"So whats new?"

For one his cognitive ability to see and become more attentive to his surroundings is showing. Bright colors excite him and warm blankets keep him sleep. He has progressed from 1 hour power naps through the night to sleeping a whole 3 - 4 hours straight however; the feed me sensor in his brain is screaming by the time he wakes up. He has a tight grip on life and Marlee has become the protector of the rocker.  His kicks are becoming stronger and his diapers are getting stronger too. He loves morning devotion and praise and worship with Daddy and evening worship and stretching with momma. He does not like water or getting his diaper changed, however he doesn't like his diaper wet either but when Pop pop is in the room its not so bad.  The power of Great Grandfathers is amazing.  Both G-Mom's have shown there share of love, kisses, and spoiling the little bundle of joy.

"Now how are the parents doing is the underlying question?" 

Brittny is maneuvering through mother hood like a champ no sleep, constant pumping, and nurturing. She is the feeder and bath time lullaby. Desmond is winning like the Eagles he is sleep walking, sleep talking, and nurturing little Desmond with both eyes open while avoiding being sprayed on the changing table. The guy who is capturing every moment with every camera in the house. He has set a goal to accomplish the  Worlds #1 Dad award so they can hang that right next to best Husband for LIFE award that stays on the refrigerator.  The Desmond's spend more time together in the early hours of the morning and through out the late hours of the night talking, singing and staring at each to see who is going to go to sleep first. While Brittny and Little Desmond indulge in the milk conversations and catch up on tv shows throughout the mid morning. He tries to tell momma all about there because he already saw them with daddy kinda.  We both have had our share of delirious days. Family Nap time has been amazing usually last about 2 hours and never seems to disappoint. All together the journey has been amazing.

Thank you to everyone for the love support and constant check ins.  We will start posting more images of our little blessing. Stay tuned to his 1 month photoshoot coming soon. We might even live stream it. 

Hello World

Hello World

Hi We are new to personal blogging but we decided to take a swing at letting the world into our personal life as we begin our journey into parenting. While we missed the first 9 months of blogging we decided what the heck we have 21 years now to tell you guys about our bundle of joy, share our adventures, and provide random post of bargains and a ton of photos. But before we get started here is a little about us.

Desmond: Husband to Brittny+ Dad+ Eagles Fan + Photographer+ movie lover + foodie +traveler

Brittny: Wife to Desmond + Mom + Adopted Eagles fan (Secretly Cowboy Fan) + Couponer + foodie + traveler

As we build on this you guys will learn more about us but enough about us now.. here is the moment you all have been really waiting for. 

It's a boy and he is big healthy and full of joy. Desmond Hunt II came on September 16th, 2016 at 10:11am weighting 7lbs 12 oz. He graced us immediately with smiles and laughter. Some may say this post is 9 months and  14 days late, however given we are new at the parenting thing this little miracle has kept us busy working around the clock.

He put a new definition to "No Sleep" in our vocabulary from day one. Active and alert are considered his side kicks while eating and power napping is his potion.  We have neglected brushing our hair and wearing matching socks for the sweet rotation of 30 min naps. But from day one we wouldn't trade him for the world. We hope you enjoy our first post and don't forget to subscribe. Trust these will get better over time.